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Discovering the Hidden Gem Turquoise Restaurant & Pub in Istanbul's Historic Old City


- Briefly introduce Istanbul's Old City and its rich history.

- Mention the allure of Turquoise Restaurant & Pub.

History and Ambiance:

- Explore the history and cultural significance of the Old City.

- Describe the unique ambiance and decor of Turquoise, with a focus on how it pays homage to Istanbul's heritage.

Culinary Delights:

- Highlight the restaurant's diverse menu, including traditional Turkish dishes and international options.

- Share a personal experience or recommendation regarding the food.

Beverage Selection:

- Discuss the wide range of drinks, from traditional Turkish tea to exotic cocktails.

- Emphasize any signature drinks or specialties.

Scenic Views and Location:

- Describe the restaurant's location within the Old City and its proximity to key attractions.

- Highlight the breathtaking views from the venue, especially during sunset or at night.

Customer Experience:

- Share stories or reviews from satisfied customers.

- Mention any special events or entertainment that Turquoise offers.

Turquoise in the Community:

- Discuss the restaurant's involvement in local events or initiatives.

- Emphasize the support it provides to the neighborhood.

Getting There:

- Provide directions or tips on how to reach Turquoise Restaurant & Pub.

- Mention nearby landmarks for reference.


- Summarize the unique blend of history, ambiance, and culinary excellence at Turquoise.

- Encourage readers to visit and experience this hidden gem in Istanbul's Old City for themselves.

Call to Action:

- Include a call to action for readers to make reservations or visit the restaurant.

- Provide contact information or links to the Turquoise website and social media profiles.


Feel free to expand on each section and add more details or personal anecdotes to make the blog post engaging and informative.

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1. Başlık

Alexa Young, CA

Amazing place for food and drinks!! Onur and Ali looked after us impeccably. They put the World Cup rugby on for us and no ask was too small. Great atmosphere, definitely call in and have some good fun! Would recommend to all

Alexa Young, CA

Turquoise Restaurant & Pub offers a delectable fusion of seafood and meat dishes in a delightful setting. 🐟🥩🍽️🍷✨

Morgan James, NY

Watching the Rugby World Cup game at Turquoise Restaurant & Pub was an absolute blast! 🏉🍻🍔📺👏

Morgan James, NY

Watching the Rugby World Cup game at Turquoise Restaurant & Pub was an absolute blast! 🏉🍻🍔📺👏
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